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Greatest tips and reccommandations for an unforgetable experience in the heart of the city

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Art of Bucharest: A Journey Into the Art Market of the City 

For all of you, art aficionados, welcome to the enchanting streets of Bucharest, where every corner holds a new adventure waiting to be discovered! Whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or simply curious to explore, travel to Bucharest to uncover its artistic wonders. Step into the captivating world of art that awaits you in Bucharest, […]

attractions in Bucharest cismigiu park

Attractions in Bucharest. Parks and gardens to enjoy in spring and summer

Are you planning to travel to Bucharest, Romania in spring time and looking for inspiration on things to do in the city? As the weather warms and nature awakens, exploring Bucharest’s parks and gardens becomes an enchanting experience. From lush green spaces to vibrant floral displays, the capital city offers a plethora of attractions for […]

touristic attractions Bucharest

Tourist attractions in Bucharest

If you’re excited to explore some one-of-a-kind sights of Bucharest, Romania’s capital has some delightful surprises waiting for those of you passionate about history and urban architecture. From enchanting Brâncovenesc-style monasteries and churches to Art Nouveau or neo-Gothic palaces from the interwar period, and even stunning villas showcasing Neo-Romanian architecture, Bucharest is like a hidden […]

melik house

Lesser Known Tourist Attractions in Bucharest 

Spring is on its way in, and so is the season for city breaks! As the blossoms paint Bucharest with vibrant hues, it’s the perfect time to explore the city’s hidden gems. Beyond the well-known landmarks, travel to Bucharest to find lesser-known tourist attractions waiting to be discovered.  In this guide, we’ll unveil the charm […]

Travel to Bucharest

Travel to Bucharest

Why travel to Bucharest? Incentive travel is a strategic approach employed by businesses to motivate and reward employees, partners, or clients, that offers a unique travel experience as a way to recognize and celebrate outstanding performance. Evidently, selecting the perfect destination is crucial for the success of an incentive travel program. Enter Bucharest, Romania’s bustling […]

Christmas Bucharest

Christmas in Bucharest

As the weather chills and the cold season descends upon us, we can’t help but notice that the city, along with everyone else, is gearing up for the upcoming holiday season. The Black Friday frenzy has initiated the gift-shopping spree, and now, restaurants, hotels and shops are adorning their windows with festive decorations. In just […]

therme bucharest

A Guide to Therme Bucharest and Hotel Cismigiu

When the warm hues of autumn turn into a crispness that hints at the approaching winter, there’s no better time to treat yourself to a spa getaway. And when it comes to urban sanctuaries that promise relaxation, rejuvenation, and unforgettable experiences, Bucharest is the place to be, especially in the enchanting month of October. To […]

george enescu

George Enescu Festival

The summer is almost over, but not the reasons why you should add Bucharest on your travel list this year! In September, the cultural scene comes alive in a harmonious celebration of music and art – the George Enescu Festival. Set against the backdrop of the enchanting autumnal ambiance, the city is poised to host one […]

child friendly hotel Bucharest

Family Friendly Hotel in Bucharest

If you are planning on visiting ‎Bucharest this summer together with your family, prepare to pack light as Hotel Cismigiu takes care of all the essentials. Extended families friendly rooms/apartments and cots, soft cutlery and bottle warmer, special bathroom fittings for babies, a pull-out sofa bed in living and not one but two cable flat […]

event planning

Event Venues in Bucharest

Event planning is a crucial aspect of any business’s marketing and networking strategy. Whether it’s a product launch, conference, seminar, or corporate gathering, a well-organized event can create lasting impressions and foster valuable connections. However, planning a successful business event requires meticulous attention to detail and a methodical approach. At Hotel Cismigiu, we have been […]

city break

Things To Do In Bucharest In A Summer City Break

Bucharest has something for everyone during the summer months and has lately become a preferred place for city breaks. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, nature, or simply enjoying the vibrant city atmosphere, you’ll find plenty of things to do and see in Bucharest. The weather is warm, making it ideal to explore outdoor attractions, […]

Bucharest sightseeing spring

Hotel Cismigiu, one million stories rich

Hotel Cismigiu is one of the first modern hotels of the Little Paris. Known as Place Hotel at that time, it was considered the most modern of all hotels in Bucharest, with 200 rooms, a spectacular chandelier lightened the lobby and a monumental staircase. The building was restored in 2012, preserving from its past the […]

things to see in bucharest

Things To See In Bucharest

The holiday month transforms the city in a cool and colorful place, with Christmas markets and festive lights on the main streets and boulevards. Are you ready for the trip? Let’s discover the best things to see in Bucharest on your first visit! Bucharest became the capital city of Romania in 1862, and for 156 […]

Bucharest Sightseeing

Bucharest Sightseeing For A Day

If your wishlist for this holiday season includes Bucharest sightseeing, in this article you will discover our recommendations for the best places to visit. Make your wishes come true and discover some of the best sights to admire in Bucharest! This itinerary is taking you for a pleasant stroll around Cișmigiu Hotel to some of […]

ziua iei

The Universal Day Of The Romanian Blouse

Hotel Cismigiu, conveniently located in an historical building near the Old Ciy Bucharest, celebrates on June 24th The Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse. For the second year in a row, Hotel Cismigiu joins Romanian communities in 48 countries and 100 cities in a global event. The ladies working at the reception desk at Hotel […]

Bucharest hotel

Hotel Cișmigiu, a Bucharest hotel with a positive social impact

We are happy to start the year 2019 by announcing you that Bucharest Hotel Cișmigiu has been involved, at the end of last year, in a social project of great importance. Hotel Cișmigiu has partnered with The Social Incubator Association to help them on their mission to provide a normal future for the institutionalized youth. […]

things to do and see

Things To Do And See In The Capital of Romania

Remember when Bernie Sanders was shocked that we have such excellent internet speed? 🙂 It’s still true. Come over, explore the city this spring and even live & work remotely from Hotel Cișmigiu, in the center of Bucharest, Romania. Blossoming trees and chirping birds animate the streets of Bucharest in the golden sunlight of spring! […]

child friendly hotel Bucharest

Family and Child Friendly Hotel in the Center of Bucharest

Are you planning a family trip to Bucharest this summer and wish to discover the best things the city has to offer, from historical sights to leisure activities and accommodation? If so, we’ve got amazing insights for you! Hotel Cișmigiu, out of the majority of Bucharest hotels, is the perfect  family friendly accommodation. Situated right in the […]

Bucharest sightseeing spring

Spring Calls for Bucharest Sightseeing!

Every season has its best areas to go on a Bucharest sightseeing walk or tour. While winter is the season to go explore the close surroundings of Hotel Cișmigiu, because the cold weather is not the best time to wander too far away from the comfort of your room, spring is a milder season, a time when […]

Therme Bucharest

A Day at Therme Bucharest

Visiting Therme Bucharest spa is one of the most exciting things to do in Bucharest, as it is one of the biggest spa resorts in this part of the continent. It promises – and delivers! – a memorable, fun and pampering experience. Did you know that Romania has one of the oldest spas in Europe, Therme […]

boutique hotel

Apartments in Bucharest in Boutique Hotels

Are you looking for a special accommodation in central apartments in Bucharest Old City? Our recommendation is to choose a boutique hotel. Travel trends show that the modern traveler is starting to prefer apartments as an accommodation option, to just hotel rooms. More spacious and versatile, apartments have the advantage of catering to multiple needs of the guest, who […]

visit bucharest christmas

Top 10 reasons To Visit Bucharest Before Christmas

Did you know that Bucharest was named the 3rd must-see European City for its Christmas lights. This is a very special distinction – visit Bucharest and you’ll see this is not all. The city scores well in the Christmas Markets, Shopping, Food, Best for Families and Best for Ice Skating Nostalgics. Whether you’re travelling on business or […]

Bucharest accommodation

Bucharest Accommodation At Its Finest

If you are making plans to go on a fun filled city break to Little Paris this spring, we know where you will find the best Bucharest accommodation – at Hotel Cișmigiu, a century old building located in the city’s center. Spring is here with its warm sunshine, colorful and beautifully scented flowers, longer afternoons… […]

business events bucharest

Bucharest, a preferred destination for organizing business events

Bucharest has become a preferred destination for organizing big business events, conventions and conferences. The advantages that the city offers are attractive for both the organizers as well as for the participants: a diverse venue selection, excellent high speed internet, a very good quality/price ratio and, last but not least, its leisure facilities, just to […]

holiday 2021

Holiday 2021

Every year, travel trends change, and 2021 will be one of the most significant years of tourism so far. As the world slowly recovers from COVID-19 and borders begin to open, we expect the travel in 2021 to look different from the pre-pandemic period. The desire to travel will be stronger than ever; it will […]

bucharest city break

Bucharest, Your Next Summer City Break Destination

Summer is here, holidays plans are on, everybody wants to go abroad and experience new destinations. A city break in Bucharest has to be on your must see list. Travel habits have changed. The traditional two week holiday has remained but new forms of tourism and mobility have added to the travel mix: long stays, […]

best things to do in bucharest

Best Things To Do in Bucharest

Everybody knows that Bucharest is a city of contrasts. With a lot of beautiful streets and historic buildings on every corner, any visit is a time-travel. Let’s discover some of the best things to do in Bucharest, while talking a walk in the city! This calls for a cultural trip, we might add. So don’t […]


Cismigiu Hotel Bucharest: 10 Years Anniversary

This December, Hotel Cismigiu Bucharest celebrated its 10th anniversary since reopening under Hercesa – Vivenda brand and, in the same time, 110 years since it was first inaugurated as Palace Hotel, in the Belle Epoque Bucharest of the year 1912. More than 150 guests walked on the pink carpet at the anniversary party on the 24th […]

Things to do iBucharest April

Things to do in Bucharest in April

Spring has officially started and Easter is coming up in just a few weeks! It’s time to check out all the fun things to do in Bucharest happening before the Easter holiday. Perhaps you will be here on a Bucharest sightseeing trip, eager to discover the city’s culture and history. Or maybe you will come to Bucharest […]

travel to bucharest

Why travel to Bucharest in 2023

It’s time to set your travel resolutions for 2023, so here’s one destination that you should add on your must see list this year – visit Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The city is famous for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation for high life (in the 1900s earned its nickname […]

accommodation in Bucharest

Get the best accommodation price at a hotel in Bucharest

Accommodation in a Bucharest hotel – or in any other city you want to travel to – does not necessarily have to be expensive. Even though prices may be higher in a 4-star accommodation, there are ways to find the best rates in your preferred hotels. Here are some ideas for your next business trip or city break vacation! […]

bucharest hotels

Bucharest Hotels With A Rich Heritage: Hotel Cișmigiu

The building which nowadays houses Hotel Cișmigiu has been erected in 1912, by architect Arghir Culina (who is responsible for many beautiful buildings in the Capital of Romania, including other Bucharest hotels) and by engineer Nicolae Pissiota. When it was built at the beginning of the 20th century, the building was called the Palace Hotel; […]

Discover Bucharest

Discover Bucharest, UEFA City in the Summer of 2021

The city is ready to receive the fans for the four games of the championship, three games in Group C (Austria – Northern Macedonia on 13th of June, Ukraine – Northern Macedonia on the 16th, Austria – Ukraine on the 21nd) and, on the 28th, a game in the eighth round, when we will see […]

things to do Bucharest spring

Less Common Things To Do in Bucharest in Spring Time

It’s March – spring is practically here – and, with it, numerous opportunities to travel to Bucharest and discover the city on foot. The weather is getting good for going out in the fresh air and the city is already starting to bloom. We want to recommend some lesser-known activities and events in Bucharest that you should do in […]

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