Visiting Therme Bucharest spa is one of the most exciting things to do in Bucharest, as it is one of the biggest spa resorts in this part of the continent. It promises – and delivers! – a memorable, fun and pampering experience. Did you know that Romania has one of the oldest spas in Europe, Therme Herculi, named by the Roman Empire after the pagan god of strengths and heroes? There are areas in the country where thermal mineral waters with incredible healing powers flow. Learning this, the stylish Therme Group created a spa resort in Bucharest that uses mineral waters.

If you’re planning a vacation to exciting European Capitals, make sure to add Bucharest as a top destination. The stylish accommodation in Bucharest, Hotel Cișmigiu, has teamed up with the Therme Bucharest wellness spa resort to make you a very special and very tempting offer. Learn more about Bucharest and our offer:

Things to do in Bucharest: A city of contrasts

Bucharest was first mentioned in official documents in 1459, and even back then it was considered one of the strongest and most developed citadels of the nation. There is no surprise that today the Capital city is filled with centuries old landmark buildings, baroque palaces and villas, brutalist socialist and modernist buildings, as well as new, shiny buildings with fresh designs. The eclectic architecture gives the city its unique charm that many tourists love to discover.

The first thing to do in Bucharest, walking the streets, will let you discover many architectural gems and a vibrant and safe city. Check out the Romanian Athenaeum, the CEC palace, the churches, the University, museums and theatres located around Hotel Cișmigiu. Close to the airport, Therme Bucharest is an example of a modern construction with a very inspired design for a spectacular spa.

The hotel itself, located in the city centre, is in a gorgeous building with a century old history. With an eclectic exterior of Art Nouveau with neoclassical elements, while the interior is contemporary and chic, Hotel Cișmigiu offers a cozy and pleasant stay to all its guests. Check out the rooms and pick your favourite for a spa holiday in Bucharest! The spa experience is brought to you by Therme Bucharest.

Your wellness experience at Therme Bucharest

Therme Bucharest is an oasis that takes the wellness spa experience to the next level. With mineral water pools, real exotic vegetation, a waterfall, saunas, a saline, the biggest water slide in Southeast Europe and so much more, Therme is, in itself, a reason to come to Bucharest. Especially now, as winter is a great time for spa therapies that help you detox your body and mind, boosting your immune system for the coming seasons. After the Covid19 scare, Therme Bucharest is the best way to improve your physical and mental health using the healing powers of nature in a safe and comfortable space. A spa day keeps the doctor away!

One of the best things to do in Bucharest right now is to enjoy yourself and have a memorable spa holiday. With our wellness offer at Therme Bucharest, you can book a four star hotel stay plus the experience of the best spa around. The package includes, per day, accommodation with breakfast at Hotel Cișmigiu and access to the Elysium area that has amazing attractions at Therme Bucharest.

We look forward to pampering you. Book Hotel Cișmigiu’s wellness offer using our form and prepare for the best European holiday you’ve had in years!


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