In a sea of hotels that follow the same hospitality recipes, Hotel Cismigiu stands unique through its beautiful history and heritage, along with the great services it provides. In modern traveling and hospitality trends, adding a unique flavor to your accommodation seems to be one of the most important points on a modern traveler’s “to seek” list. More and more, travelers aim at finding places where they can enjoy local experiences and feeling, for a few days, during the trip, that they belong there. Hotel Cismigiu is one of these places. With a century-old story to tell, Hotel Cismigiu is more than a wonderful accommodation in Bucharest – it is a storytelling journey on its own.

Accommodation in Bucharest: History of One of the Most Renowned Hotels in Bucharest

Hotel Cismigiu has seen a lot of changes throughout the last century. The first modern buildings on Elisabeta Boulevard, the period with Pache Protopopescu as mayor – are just a few of these stories. The initial hotel that is today known as Hotel Cismigiu – Palace Hotel – was built by the engineer Nicolae Pissiota and was inaugurated in 1913. The facilities and services provided were meeting even the highest expectations: bathroom in the suites, reading and correspondence rooms, bar and English and French billiards room, restaurant with upper gallery (where Gambrinus Brewery was subsequently opened), French and Romanian cuisine, telephone in each room, classical music concerts during meal times, omnibus-car for all trains, etc. A sumptuous chandelier was lighting the lobby, a grandiose staircase was ensuring the access to mezzanine along with the two elevators, and the room was decorated with gold leaves.

The hotel’s history is filled with drama, mystery, and poetry, famous guests and World War stories, which you can easily read about before booking your accommodation in Bucharest here. Trust us, you’ll love it, so we won’t spoiler alert you.

Accommodation in Bucharest: Heritage with Premium Services

Today, Hotel Cismigiu is one of the most beloved hotels in Bucharest. Its beautiful architecture attracts tourists and photographers on a daily basis, while the accommodation conditions are up to the 2019 standards: great rooms with lovely details for a home-y feel, modern facilities for all the comfort and a breathtaking view from the windows, either towards the Cismigiu Park or the boulevard. In terms of food and beverage outlet, Cismigiu – Bistro la Etaj and Gambrinus Beer House will offer you two very different experiences – the first is a pink modern, but chic bistro with a great view over the city, tasty deserts and refreshing cocktails, while the second one still preserves its old school atmosphere and serves amazing food that you definitely must try.

During a stay at Hotel Cismigiu, you get to enjoy a mix of modern services and details and chic, historical stories that will make you come back again. Don’t hesitate to book us, savor the experience and bookmark us as your favorite accommodation in Bucharest.


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