Are you looking for a special accommodation in central apartments in Bucharest Old City? Our recommendation is to choose a boutique hotel.

Travel trends show that the modern traveler is starting to prefer apartments as an accommodation option, to just hotel rooms. More spacious and versatile, apartments have the advantage of catering to multiple needs of the guest, who is looking for a place to stay that is both cost effective and also has “something special”. Often, tourists are looking to extend their stay, be it leisure travel or for business purposes, in order to fully experience the city and the destination itself.

Apartments are spacious, have utilities and make you feel a little bit “like home”, and you benefit from having separate spaces for sleeping, eating and working. On the other hand, hotels come generally with better locations, a plethora of services such as concierge or breakfast, that can make life a lot easier and entertaining for the guest. So, how to have the best of both worlds? Best located and spacious? Modern and functional? Versatility of an apartment and the promptitude of staff, when needed?

Our recommendation is to go for boutique hotels that offer apartments, as they are some of the best accommodation options, not only in Bucharest, but wherever you prefer to go in an urban holiday. You want to have your own space, intimate and special, but you do not want to allocate a 5-star hotel budget. Boutique hotels are somewhere in the middle, offering excellent services and facilities, but with a reasonable price range.

But first, what is a boutique hotel?

With no clear definition, we can safely say that boutique hotels have distinct personalities. With a modern design, and an interesting history, they can be a destination in itself. Usually smaller in size, more intimate, they are sophisticated and fashionable, elegant. Generally located in a central place or in the “hip” neighborhood, they are connected to the cultural life of the city and many offer personalized services and Instagrammable decor.

Design is a defining feature

At Hotel Cismigiu, we kept the facade of the building, which dates back from the 19th century. Designed in an eclectic art nouveau style specific to the Belle Epoque architectural trends of the time, the building is a witness to the city’s history. The interior has been completely renovated, and the apartments are modern with a chic vibe. Charming details make this hotel in Bucharest unique, such as the hallway with the opulent entrance door that dates from the original building or the rooftop with a picturesque view over the city skyline.

Boutique hotels have an intimate atmosphere and offer personalized services

The hotel has apartments for accommodation in Bucharest, that create an exclusive atmosphere, which our guests can enjoy, as in the privacy of their home. Usually, customers choose to come in groups of acquaintances, as a couple or individually, on business trips and leisure stays. The Cismigiu – Bistro la Etaj restaurant serves breakfast while on the ground floor, Gambrinus Restaurant serves Romanian and international cuisine, as well as its famous beer. Our concierge service is prompt and caters to every need of our guests.

Great everything! I have nothing to complain about.

Very friendly staff, great location, spacious, clean room, all comfort; the breakfast was very good and the room where breakfast is served is special, it gives you a feeling of well-being from the first hour. (Elena,, Guest in Hotel Cismigiu in June 2022)

Located in trendy areas

Boutique Hotel Cismigiuis located in the Old Center, on one of the most beautiful boulevard of the city, known as a former Broadway of Bucharest. Old buildings, of a special beauty, tell the stories of the bohemian Belle Epoque. Close to the hotel are all the tourist attractions and sights of Bucharest: the University Square is 500 meters away, the Palace of Parliament and the National Museum of Art are less than 1 km away. Otopeni Airport is 18 km away.

Boutique hotels are a cultural extension of the city

They offer an excellent selection of activities and things to do, come with recommendations for activities, excursions, places to visit. On our blog, we select the most attractive sights and places to visit in Bucharest: from the coolest events to cultural sites, attractions and tours of the city. Are you looking for what to do and see in Bucharest? Or do you want to book tickets to Therme, one of Europe’s largest urban spas? Just ask the concierge and we will be happy to help you!

Does a boutique hotel suit you?

It could be said that boutique hotels are for travelers who want to make the most of their stay, to connect with the local culture, art and gastronomic scene and, above all, to have excellent services and comfortable accommodation without having to put an extra effort

For your next visit to Bucharest, you will discover that Hotel Cismigiu is the boutique hotel ideal for accommodation, a place in which contemporary chic glam meets the discreet charm of a heritage building. For best fees for accommodation, book directly on the website.

We are waiting for you!


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