Bucharest has become a preferred destination for organizing big business events, conventions and conferences. The advantages that the city offers are attractive for both the organizers as well as for the participants: a diverse venue selection, excellent high speed internet, a very good quality/price ratio and, last but not least, its leisure facilities, just to name a few.

Covid19 restrictions were not an easy time for event organizers, and Bucharest made no exception to that. But now, people are more eager than ever to meet and network with each other, so the events – be it leisure or business – are back. This year, some important conferences took place in the capital of Romania, and the aftermath echoes were extremely favorable. One of these events was the Brand Minds conference, organized in June, that reunited more than 5000 participants. Big names such as Gabor Mate, Daniel Pink, Mark Manson, Dan Arielly, Jordan Peterson or Gary Vaynerchuk came to the stage and delivered powerful speeches that made a lasting impression on the audience.

Another big event that is coming to Bucharest this year is the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference. It will take place between September 26 – October 14 and it is a key event for Telecomm industry, where the International Telecommunication Union Member States decide on their future role in the development of information and communication technologies worldwide. Hotel Cismigiu will accommodate more than 200 participants in this important event that shapes the future of telecommunications.

Business Events in Bucharest – Here’s Why:

Event venues and hotel availability

The city can host big events in its grand halls, such as Sala Palatului or Palatul Parlamentului, which are centrally located in the middle of the city, with easy access to transportation as well as accommodation options. There are plenty of hotels in the central area of the city, with 4 star accommodation facilities. Hotel Cismigiu is preferred by business travelers for its central location, at a walking distance from the Old City, as well as from all main attractions and local institutions. Its rooms are actually apartments, modern suites with living room with seating area, one bedroom and kitchen facilities. The hotel also offers options for organizing small events – both hybrid conferences and in person – in its meeting rooms. They are most appropriate for work meetings or entrepreneurship discussions, business meetings or workshops, interviews or seminars or product launches.

City Charm

When considering your options to choose a city as a convention destination, choose one that has “that X factor” to it. And Bucharest certainly has it. A city of contrasts,  it has become a sought after destination for those looking to explore “something else”. An eclectic mix, where the buzzing night lifestyle unfolds on the cobbled streets of the Old City next to centuries old churches and architecture, Bucharest is a dazzling mix of styles.

Great coffee, artisanal beer and delicious food will ensure that the participants to your event will surely remember this city, to say the very least. Some of the things to do in Bucharest on a city break or short stay vary from exploring museums, churches, beautiful libraries and shops, to spending your day at the largest thermal water spa in Eastern Europe or having some good time in the Old City.

Other facilities

Bucharest has an international airport with excellent connections with cities all over the world. Plus, it is one of the safest cities to be in, making it a welcoming traveling destination, Romania ranking among the most-threat free countries on the planet. Last but not least, the cost of living is not high, making it one of the most affordable places to live in. That returns a good value for money in terms of costs for organizing big events, conventions or conferences.

Here you have only some of the reasons why you should consider Bucharest for your next event. Also, for small events, check out the special offer for hybrid conferences we have prepared at Hotel Cismigiu. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Bucharest!


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