The building which nowadays houses Hotel Cișmigiu has been erected in 1912, by architect Arghir Culina (who is responsible for many beautiful buildings in the Capital of Romania, including other Bucharest hotels) and by engineer Nicolae Pissiota. When it was built at the beginning of the 20th century, the building was called the Palace Hotel; it became Hotel Cișmigiu in the ‘40s, got closed in the ‘90s because of the building’s damages, and after that, thanks to the Spanish real estate developer Hercesa, it got restored and later it  opened its doors again to its distinguished guests in 2012, exactly a hundred years after it first came to be. In the meantime, the building of Hotel Cișmigiu has been declared a historical monument.

Bucharest’s most beloved 100 old hotel nowadays has a beautiful and modern interior design, while the original façade, with elements of Art Nouveau, eclecticism with neoclassical architecture, still charms everyone passing by on Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, and gives a glimpse into the romantic past of Little Paris. Even back in the days of the Palace Hotel, the facilities and services of the hotel were meeting the highest expectations, a tradition which Hotel Cișmigiu has successfully continued.

It is definitely one of the most interesting 4 star Bucharest hotels. Let’s explore it!

More space and convenience than in most other Bucharest hotels

The hotel is situated at 38, Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, in a central area which has the beauty of being within walking distance from many hot spots in the city. It only takes a person about 7-8 minutes to get, on foot, from his or her hotel room to the Old Town, one of the most popular destinations in Bucharest that is filled with history, as well as entertainment. Buildings from two or more centuries ago are a step away from restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs. When you’re staying at Hotel Cișmigiu and want to discover all the things to do Bucharest as a tourist, you will soon realize just how convenient its central location is for you.

The restored and chic Cișmigiu Hotel has some of the most spacious rooms that one could hope to find in any of the central Bucharest hotels. 60 suites consisting of a bedroom, living room and, in some of them, even a kitchen (equipped with a fridge, energy efficient hob and sink), offer the most pleasant 4 star experience, with an area between 40 and 55 square meters, depending on the type of accommodation you pick. The predominant colours used in the rooms’ design are cool colors, like white, gray and dark blue, with some warm accents like beige and brown. The wooden furniture has a contemporary design: sleek, elegant, with a Nordic feel. The abstract artworks on the wall draw your gaze at them, as they have a touch of red which contrasts superbly with the room’s chromatic scheme. We think that the tasteful and sophisticated interior design at Hotel Cișmigiu is something you are going to enjoy!

The Superior Suite is, ironically, the smallest, with 40 square meters, but the advantages of this suite lay, besides the facilities, in the view of the interior courtyard, and the tranquility this facing of the suite provides. The Executive Suite has 50 square meters, and it offers you the vibrant view of the Boulevard, and the Deluxe Suite  is your home away from home, with 55 square meters and a view of Boulevard, a workspace and an espresso machine. Absolutely all suites have the following facilities included: free high speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning, LED TV, telephone, minibar, safety box, sofa, hair dryer, Chopard cosmetic products.  Comfort and style will define your stay, also thanks to the hotel’s friendly staff, who are always prepared to provide you with the best professional services. Room service can be ordered every day from 12.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

Breakfast is served every day, as it follows:

It’s always a good day when you are staying at Hotel Cișmigiu!

Nearby Sights

If you want to see more creations of Arghir Culina, Hotel Cișmigiu’s original architect from 1912, you don’t need to go through great lengths – just two minutes away from the hotel, in Valter Maracineanu Square, at the entrance to the Cișmigiu Gardens, you will find one of his monuments – The Impetus of the Country from Bucharest (Monumentul Avântul Țării din București), which was created in collaboration with the sculptor Emil Wilhelm Becker in 1921. Originally, the sculpture depicted the passage of Romanian troops across the Danube in Bulgaria, but the bas-reliefs presenting these scenes were destroyed by the Communists. Because of this, Becker’s name is no longer found on the work. After this, it’s time to explore Cișmigiu Park. You have access to the park from Valter Maracineanu Square, which is great – enter and enjoy your stroll! In the park there is a lake and you can rent row boats for your leisure experience and a little exercise 🙂 Arghir Culina has also designed the building on 3 Hristo Botev Boulevard, which is one kilometer away from Hotel Cișmigiu. The building on Hristo Botev is a beautiful construction in the neoromanian style with elements of Art Nouveau.

While on Hristo Botev, head over to Dialogue Social Bar (1 Hristo Botev), a cocktail bar and coffee shop with a healthy food menu. The interior of this place is gorgeous, with neo-Brancovenesc architecture elements and a floor mosaic which will amaze you with its beauty! Bucharest is always a great destination, and it keeps getting better. So don’t miss out, and make your reservation  for Hotel Cișmigiu, a pièce de résistance among the list of 4 star Bucharest hotels! A charming experience awaits you at 38, Regina Elisabeta Boulevard.


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