In a city that never sleeps, there’s always something new and exciting to discover – it’s no wonder this city has become so popular throughout Europe and not only. Hotel Cismigiu is located close to many of them, which will save you a lot of time on the road while you’re accommodated with us.

For a modern traveler, a city break type of trip can seem too little to discover all that Bucharest has got to offer. But with the right guide, you can have a complete travel experience that will offer you previews and sneak peeks from a wide range of activities. Just make sure to check our recommendation list for Bucharest sightseeing places and go enjoy them during your trip. We’re sure that over 550 years of Bucharest will offer you plenty of curiosities to check out.

What are the most beautiful Bucharest sightseeing places? 

#1 Start with Bucharest’s heritage places

The Capital has a rich history and this brings with it the chance to infuse in all this culture. There are a lot of buildings and locations that will charm you with their architecture, design, and stories. The Arch of Triumph, Calea Victoriei, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Palace of Parliament of the Village Museum are just a few of these stories. The good news is that they’re all pretty central – from Hotel Cismigiu you’ll get to most of them by foot in just 15 minutes; the only exception is the Arch of Triumph. Hotel Cismigiu, with over 100 years of heritage, is also one of these places.

#2 Cultural monuments and institutions will charm you

There are plenty of wonderful museums in Bucharest and trust us when we say you’ll be charmed by them. The National Museum of Art hosts a lot of wonderful exhibitions; just the same, the building itself is quite impressive – this used to be the former Royal Palace. The museum is also where the Royal Collection, including Romanian and European art dating back to the 15th century, can be admired.

#3 Bucharest sightseeing: Chic locals and beautiful nature

When it comes to things to do in Bucharest, the options are only limited by one’s taste or preference. Dreaming of a chic local where you can splurge and treat yourself with something delicious? Cismigiu Bistro la Etaj, with its pink decor and tasty treats, is a must-see bistro. Want to take a walk through a green beautiful park? Cismigiu Park, right next to our hotel, will give you the chance to find a little green relaxation oasis. At just 15 minutes away, the Old City Centre will give you a mix of old buildings, modern nightlife and many locals to choose from in order to explore more.

If you’ve loved this article and you’re eager to start discovering Bucharest, be sure to book a room at Hotel Cismigiu for your next city break. You’ll be close to all the things to do in Bucharest, while you’re enjoying your stay in a central hotel, full of heritage.


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