If your wishlist for this holiday season includes Bucharest sightseeing, in this article you will discover our recommendations for the best places to visit. Make your wishes come true and discover some of the best sights to admire in Bucharest! This itinerary is taking you for a pleasant stroll around Cișmigiu Hotel to some of the most iconic buildings of Bucharest. Here’s where you can go on a day of Bucharest sightseeing:

Bucharest sightseeing: Explore the hotel’s surrounding areas

Cișmigiu hotel has a wonderful location, being in the center of the city and within walking distance from other important buildings and locations in Bucharest. The building of the hotel itself is a historical monument – it was built in 1912. In this century old building, modern facilities and a fresh design make your stay feel most comfortable and cool.

Head out and right around the corner and a right, after a short walk of three to four minutes, you will set your eyes on the Palace of the National Military Circle (Cercul Militar Național) Bucharest. Built in 1923, this is a historical and architectural monument, being part of the edifices included in the national and universal cultural heritage. It has seven ballrooms, each dedicated to a specific concept and designed in a specific style: the Marble Room, the Honour Room, the Moor Room, the Byzantine Room, the Gothic Room, the Norwegian Room and the Restaurant Room.

It also includes three art galleries worth visiting: the three halls are the Art Gallery, the Foaier Hall and the Ronda Hall, which can host exhibitions of painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, and other related events. You can access these three halls from Elisabeta Boulevard. When you’re staying at Cișmigiu Hotel, you should include the Palace of the National Military Circle in your Bucharest sightseeing plan!

Bucharest sightseeing on a walking tour

Next, take a stroll on Calea Victoriei towards the Romanian Athenaeum, the Central University Library of Bucharest and the National Art Museum, located in George Enescu Square.

These iconic buildings for the city of Bucharest are some of the most beautiful in the area, and are top destinations for Bucharest sightseeing. Also, around the corner from the library,  you will find one of the most unusual looking buildings.The old and new combine into a mixture of brick and glass, creating an unexpected sight! This house is today the HQ of the Union of the Architects.

The Central University Library is located across the street from the National Museum of Art of Romania.

Inaugurated by King Charles the First on 14 March 1895 as Royal Foundation, B.C.U. “Carol I” provides a dynamic continuity to the cultural and educational traditions that marked its beginnings. An equestrian bronze statue of the king guards BCU and marks the perfect place to take a picture!

Bucharest sightseeing for art lovers

Art lovers are welcome at the Romanian National Museum of Art, the most important art museum in the country. It is subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs. The museum was established in 1948 and is housed in the Royal Palace in the capital. Here, you can admire European Art such as works by El Greco, Claude Monet, Tintoretto, Pieter Bruegel just to name a few, as well as modern Romanian Art by Constantin Brâncuși, Ștefan Luchian, Theodor Aman, Constantin Daniel Rosenthal and many more.

Last, but not least, you must drop by the Romanian Athenaeum, located a minute away from the museum. This is a concert hall, built between 1886 and 1888 in a combination of neoclassical with eclectic style, following the plans of the French architect Albert Galleron. At present, it houses the “George Enescu” Philharmonic and is a must on the list of Bucharest sightseeing!

You should be aware that most of these buildings and institutions are going to be closed to the public during Christmas and New Year’s, so make sure to go check them out before the holidays!

The warmth of Cișmigiu Hotel

From the Athenaeum, you can go back to the hotel through Cișmigiu Park, situated only 650 meters away. This way, you have the chance to visit both the important buildings *and* one of the most beautiful gardens buildings in Bucharest! Now that winter is here, the lake in Cișmigiu Park has been frozen to create a fun and attractive skating rink! What better way to end the day of Bucharest sightseeing but with ice skating in the park? Perhaps by going back to your modern, comfortable and stylish room, at Hotel Cișmigiu! See our offers and book now!


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