The city is ready to receive the fans for the four games of the championship, three games in Group C (Austria – Northern Macedonia on 13th of June, Ukraine – Northern Macedonia on the 16th, Austria – Ukraine on the 21nd) and, on the 28th, a game in the eighth round, when we will see two giants of European football.

The National Arena, the main stadium of the city, where the games are taking place, is ready to receive more than 13,000 people at the EURO 2020 games, which will fill the stadium up to 25% of its capacity. Only vaccinated spectators will be able to enter the National Arena and a quite strict protocol has been put in place in order to ensure that. If the vaccine has not been given, spectators can get a quick test and get a COVID-19 wristband.

But, beyond going to the games, what are the things to do in Bucharest while here? UEFA has already made some rather funny recommendations for fans coming in for EURO 2020, in order for them to experience the city. Eating sarmale (the cabbage rolls stuffed with meat) or “treating yourself to some covrigi (pretzels) or a Dobrogeana (cheese pie) at least once a day” are some of them. Here are our recommendations for things to see in Bucharest this summer. Hope you’ll find them interesting, let us know which ones you liked the most 🙂

Discover Bucharest Through Sightseeing

Enjoying discovering architectural gems? Bucharest is a very picturesque city, with an eclectic architecture. You will be amazed to discover, on the same street, and not walking more than 20 metres, buildings that are from completely different centuries, architectural styles and preservation statuses. Take a stroll through Cotroceni or through the Capital streets near the Government and enjoy wonderful inter-wars buildings that look like they’ve come out straight from a story. UEFA also recommends taking street strolls and discovering the city architecture, with Calea Victoriei as the main attraction spot for buildings and Arthur Verona for street art.

Hotel Cismigiu, your 4 star accommodation in central Bucharest, was voted by TripAdvisor users as “Romania’s No 1 Heritage Hotel“. It is a historical place, part of the cultural heritage of the capital and, in itself, a tourist attraction of the city and an architectural jewel, built in the style of the French Art Nouveau and eclectic style. Also, by being completely renovated, it meets, at the same time, the most demanding accommodation requirements in Bucharest for a 4-star hotel.

Discover Bucharest: Parks and Recreations

If you just love nature, there are so many parks you can enjoy: the Botanical Garden, Titan or Tineretului Park – all with a small lake. Our favorite is Cismigiu Park, the oldest garden in the city. With a history of more than 160 years, this was the place for popular celebrations, sports competitions, fairs and exhibitions, charity auctions, swimming competitions, as well as the first boxing match in the history of Romania and the first beauty competition. It is also very close to Hotel Cișmigiu, with a 3 minute walking distance from the hotel entrance, making it a very attractive place to spend a summer’s day afternoon.

Discover Bucharest: Shopping for Souvenirs

You’ll be glad to know that, in Bucharest, you have a lot of options for shopping, if you are looking for that. Baneasa Shopping City – the biggest mall – provides a lot of brand and concept stores; if you’re into antiquities, you’ll be delighted to discover in almost every sector at least one Antique shop filled with books, jewels, artifacts and more. And, if you love books and bookstores, you must explore Cărturești – the most beautiful place where you can find books, music, and others, and then enjoy a delightful tea.

A Glimpse of Authentic Romanian Culture

If you want to feel and taste some of the authentic local traditions, go visit the Peasant’s Museum and the Village Museum. The first one usually hosts traditional fairs, with hand made souvenirs and delicious local gastronomy products. The Village Museum is a beautiful place, set in the Herastrau Park, where entire peasant houses from all over the country have been relocated here, in Bucharest, and put together to create “The Rural Heart of the Capital”. At Hotel Cismigiu, you will find, in the apartment, local products from Romanian artisans.

Hotel Cismigiu – The Ideal Choice for Accommodation in Bucharest During EURO 2020

With 60 spacious apartments, which have living room, bedroom and kitchen, Hotel Cismigiuis a superb 4-star Bucharest accommodation with a central location in the most touristic area of the city. It is close to the park, tourist attractions and connected directly to the stadium, via the public transportation system (90 trolley line to National Arena stops right in front of the hotel). Upstairs, one of the most beautiful restaurants in Bucharest, Cișmigiu – Bistro la Etaj, awaits you, with the atmosphere of Little Paris and a beautiful view from the terrace.

Book your room directly, on the website, for the best rate and start your journey to discover Bucharest!


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