As one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Bucharest is always bustling with activity, but during the summer months, the city truly comes to life. There are plenty of things to see during a city break in Bucharest. From music festivals and outdoor concerts to cultural events and sporting activities, there is no shortage of things to do in Bucharest during the summer. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the top events happening in the city this summer, with a focus on music festivals.

Music Events in Bucharest: Summer in the City Festival

At the beginning of June (3-4 June), in the famous Constitution Square, one of the biggest festivals in Bucharest takes place: Summer in the City. Among the headliners in the spotlight, we mention the famous Robbie Williams, LP, The Editors, Calum Scott, Abby Roberts and various Romanian artists. You can find tickets here.

Events in Bucharest: EUROPAfest International Music Festival

EUROPAfest is a symbol festival of Bucharest. Between July 7 and 15, it will celebrate 30 years of good music – jazz, blues, pop and classical music with artists from over 25 countries. Halls such as the Romanian Athenaeum, Auditorium Hall – Royal Palace, Majestic Hall – Odeon Theatre, Excelsior Theatre, but also Hard Rock Café, Club Tribute, Club Loft are the hosts of reference concerts, where talent meets creativity and freedom.

Festivals in Bucharest: Summer Well Festival

The Summer Well Festival is a two-day music festival held in early August (11-13 August) that features a lineup of international and local artists – this year, Florence and Machine is one of the headliners. A must-attend for music fans and those looking to experience Bucharest’s vibrant summer atmosphere, the festival takes place in the picturesque Stirbey Domain, located just outside the city center, and features multiple stages, food vendors, and other activities. The programme and tickets can be found here.

Classical Music Events in Bucharest: George Enescu International Festival

The George Enescu International Festival is a classical music festival held in September that celebrates the work of Romanian composer George Enescu. The festival features performances by top orchestras and soloists from around the world and takes place in multiple venues throughout Bucharest. You can find tickets here.

In conclusion, Bucharest has a diverse range of events taking place during the summer months, catering to all interests and tastes. Be sure to check out some of these top events and make the most of your summer in Bucharest!

How to Choose Accommodation in Bucharest in Summertime

A lot of people choose the capital of Romania for a city break, and a good idea might be to come when summer events take place. When doing that, finding the right Bucharest accommodation is crucial. Make sure to book early, as hotels can quickly fill up during the peak season. Usually, booking direct is the best option, at least in terms of accommodation fees. At Hotel Cismigiu, we offer preferential rates for direct booking on our website.

Look for hotels near the event venues, or centrally located and with transportation options. This can save you time and money on transportation, and also allow you to easily return to your hotel after the event. Hotel Cismigiu is centrally located, right near the Old City and has perfect transportation connections – by bus, tram and metro – to all important event venues in the city, as well as airport and train station.

Read hotel reviews: Before booking one of Bucharest hotels, make sure to read online reviews from previous guests, that can give you an idea of the hotel’s quality, service, and location. Hotel Cismigiu has received The Traveller Review Award 2023, an annual appreciation program of, that recognizes exceptional hospitality, as demonstrated by the review scores that travelers leave after their stay or experience.

Consider hotel amenities: When choosing a hotel, consider the amenities that are important to you, such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and breakfast. How about a rooftop and, probably, the most historically famous beerhouse in the city, where to cool off after the events? Be sure to check-in at Cismigiu- Bistro la Etaj – the restaurant where you will take breakfast when you stay with us – as well as at the Gambrinus Beerhouse, which is located at the Ground Floor of this four star hotel in Bucharest. Our recommendation? Choose a boutique hotel, for an extra special experience.

By following these smart tips, you can find the right accommodation in Bucharest during the summer and make the most of your stay while attending various events in the city. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Hotel Cismigiu, close to every interesting point in the city, and ready to offer you the comfort you need after the fun days of summer events in Bucharest!


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