Every year, travel trends change, and 2021 will be one of the most significant years of tourism so far. As the world slowly recovers from COVID-19 and borders begin to open, we expect the travel in 2021 to look different from the pre-pandemic period. The desire to travel will be stronger than ever; it will be a year of renewal and reconnection, in which many will feel the need to make up for lost time traveling in 2020. At Hotel Cismigiu we looked at some of the trends that travel experts anticipate for 2021. These inspired us to prepare this year’s programs, “WOW moments” for our guests and special offers throughout 2021.

What are the travel trends?

Holiday 2021: Longer trips and a new way of working

2021 may be the year we redefine the way we work and travel. Even after COVID-19 passes, employers may have difficulty attracting employees back to the office, and they may not even need to do so. If all we need is Wi-Fi and enough time during the day to work, then we can work from almost anywhere, including from a hotel in Bucharest (check out our #Workfromhotel offer).

A recent study by Amadeus found that 55% of participants considered having a vacation of at least 14 days. The trend is that of longer journeys, filled with unique experiences that make travel matter. Fewer flights, more time in one destination. People will choose places where they will also be able to work from, thus intertwining the business with recreation (the “bleisure” trend), working time with the holiday experience.

Safety comes first

We have all seen how quickly situations can change when it comes to COVID-19, so future guests will want to be sure they are moving safely, with minimal risk. From mandatory cleaning, prevention and sanitation measures to rapid tests at airports and kits in hotels, operators are taking every precaution to put safety first.

The trend is accentuated by digitization, minimizing direct contact through remote check-in, touchless payment or mobile onboarding, in the case of flights. Travel applications with the role of tour operators are becoming more and more important. In a post-COVID-19 world, tourists want to stay connected while traveling, receive reliable advice and stay informed about the latest travel updates.

Tourist in your city

In 2020, online product sales have grown exponentially. In 2021, maybe bored to buy the third black bag or another pair of shoes on the net, people want, more than ever, to buy and live experiences. Many will choose local tourism and spend their holidays in 2021 in the country, doing road trips, renting vans and practicing various forms of alternative tourism. An interesting trend is that of “staycation” through which people discover their own city from the perspective of a tourist. They will stay at the hotel – either to diversify their stay at home – and will enjoy the beauty of the places close to home, be they parks, ice rinks, museums or historic buildings.

What do we have in store for your holiday in 2021?

Here is a “sneak preview” of this year’s plans, as presented by the General Manager of the hotel, Georgeta Grecu. We will keep the WorkFromHotel offer with all its options. The most requested option is “Private Apartment” due to the bright windows to the park or boulevard as well as the separation between the sleeping and working spaces. Long stay accommodation remains a priority, as the apartments are ideal for stays longer than 30 days. With Live@Hotel Cismigiu offer, you will have both privacy and the services of a 4-star hotel, without worrying about extra payments for maintenance and cleaning. We also keep the Free Parking offer, under certain conditions, for stays over 45 days.

For February 14th and 24th and March 8th, we are preparing a trio of offers, in which we will collaborate with famous Chefs to create a special dinner and accommodation experience for romantic nights at Hotel Cișmigiu. Also in 2021 we will launch the program “Your choice of reward”, applicable to all hotel guests, through which they will be able to choose their own benefits for accommodation, from a variety of options that include discount on renting a conference room, discount on the following stays, champagne, flowers or cakes in the room for special occasions.

Security and protection measures will remain a priority in 2021. To the more than 60 anti-Covid19 measures already implemented, we will add a new set, aimed at digitization: we already use ID Scanner for passports and identity cards, online or virtual card payment is already a reality.

“Through attention and dedication to the wishes of the guests, we will keep the same pleasant experience that the hotel’s customers are used to. The generosity of the space provided and the time we allocate to each guest are the hallmarks of Hotel Cismigiu.”

We are ready for your holiday in 2021, when things will start to return to normal and people will travel again. As always, Hotel Cișmigiu is waiting for you, as the welcoming host whose services are so appreciated by its guests.


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