Accommodation in a Bucharest hotel – or in any other city you want to travel to – does not necessarily have to be expensive. Even though prices may be higher in a 4-star accommodation, there are ways to find the best rates in your preferred hotels. Here are some ideas for your next business trip or city break vacation!

Do some research on prices and offers for accommodation in Bucharest

You can start looking for a hotel on booking sites such as, Expedia or Kayak. They have price comparators, which will help you check accommodation rates from several properties, as well as details and information about the destination, so that you can easily understand what the attractions of that hotel are.

But don’t stop there. After choosing a place of accommodation to your liking, do a little research about it, on review sites, on the hotel’s Facebook or Instagram page and, above all, directly on the hotel website.

Hotels prefer to sell directly, through their own website. That’s why you’ll often find special offers, packages and discounts that are only available through direct booking. Study the “Offers” section of the website and do not hesitate to call the reception directly and ask for the direct booking discounts.

Choose business hotels

Do not worry, we know that when they say “Business Hotel”, people immediately think of high prices. But urban, central, business-oriented hotels tend to have very good prices during the holiday season and on weekends, precisely to compensate for the fact that their core audience, business people, do not travel much during these times. Business events in Bucharest tend to be rare in summer time. A business hotel will make special offers and discounts, weekend city break packages, group packages and direct booking incentives.

Look for last minute deals for accommodation in Bucharest

The uncertainty of recent years, caused by the pandemic, has made the hotel industry much more flexible. There were years when the last minute accommodation was much more sought-after than the classic reservation, made long in advance. Even though the pandemic has passed, many hotels have kept a flexible policy and have last minute offers. Feel free to call and ask if there are any such offers.

Check for cross-promo offers

Hotels will make partnerships with other service providers and create bundles of facilities, preferential prices and services, for the common benefit of customers of both partners. At Cișmigiu Hotel we currently have such an offer, and every month we come up with something new.

This is Spa Day @ Therme, in which customers of the largest water park with thermal water in SE Europe – Therme Bucharest – receive a preferential rate for accommodation at Hotel Cișmigiu, in 4* apartments, with breakfast included. At the same time, for their part, the customers of the Cișmigiu Hotel can benefit from a special offer that also includes a day of relaxation in the much-appreciated Therme Bucharest.

Do you want to benefit from this offer? Spa Day @ Therme is valid until the end of the year. To reserve a place, fill out the form on the website or contact us by email at

Use discount codes to get the best accommodation in Bucharest

The discount code is a unique code, associated with a special offer, which has a limited validity, either in terms of time or the number of reservations. When a direct reservation is made on a website – – the booking engine installed on the website is accessed. It collects the reservation data, name, length of stay, chosen room type. It also displays room prices, including services and special offers. The booking engine installed on the Cișmigiu Hotel website is secure, so that payments are guaranteed and made in complete safety.

In this booking engine, there is a field where a discount code is inserted that will activate a special offer or will automatically reduce the accommodation fee. The booking code is distributed usually through the hotel’s social networks or via email, to a segment of loyal customers.

Above are five ways to book and find accommodation in Bucharest in a smart way, using discount opportunities and offers that bring budget benefits to travelers and which can be easily accessed by booking directly through the hotel’s website.

At Hotel Cismigiu, we are waiting for you with special offers, best prices for direct booking and unparalleled customized services that our guests love to experience, time after time. Discover why travel to Bucharest in 2023 –  there are plenty of things to see and to do in this city – and plan your travel so that you can maximize your experience with the best vacation budget.


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