It’s March – spring is practically here – and, with it, numerous opportunities to travel to Bucharest and discover the city on foot. The weather is getting good for going out in the fresh air and the city is already starting to bloom. We want to recommend some lesser-known activities and events in Bucharest that you should do in the capital of Romania, for each month of spring.

What To Do in Bucharest in Spring Time

What To Do in Bucharest in March: Guided Cultural Tours

There are a lot of tours organized in the city that offer interesting information about the history of the city and its cultural curiosities. Ask at the hotel reception and we will recommend organizers for such routes on foot, bicycle or segway. Historical tours include Calea Victoriei where aristocrats, merchants, communist officials shouldered each other, the Old Town, with its tiny and gorgeous medieval churches as well as the latest boho-bougie architectural statements or House of the People, the most famous project of communism. It will be interesting to see the contrasts of life in Bucharest, from the elites to the working-class neighborhoods.

Other city attractions, such as the Revolution Square, Romanian Athenaeum, Royal Palace/Art Museum, Central Library, Victoria Avenue or University Square are at a short walking distance from the hotel, from where you can start exploring the city.

Things To See in Bucharest in April: Map of Magnolias

April is the season of magnolias. The plant has stood the test of time in parts of China as well as North and Central America and it entered Romanian culture at the end of the 20th century. Ever since then it has remained a witness to history, bringing color and hope to people, even in one of the darkest periods of Romanian history, communism.

Bucharest is one of the cities with the most magnolia trees. Spring seems to be heralded not by the classic snowdrop, but by this fabulous tree, which lives in people’s yards, on the streets or among the gray blocks. There is even a map of them, created by a team of volunteers, that can be accessed here.

In April, people follow the path of the magnolias and take photos that they post on social networks – that some magnolias are real stars on Instagram! The closest to Hotel Cismigiu – where we invite you to stay in 4-star accommodation in Bucharest – is the one in Cismigiu Park. But if you want to see more of them, the Cotroceni neighborhood is a 10-minute walk away from the hotel and is one of the most richly decorated with these noble flowers.

Where To Go in Bucharest in May – Obor Farmer’s Market

From influencers and vloggers, to tourists and locals, Piața Obor has remained one of the most special places in Bucharest for over three centuries. Located in the neighborhood with the same name, Obor Market has been, in one form or another, the commercial heart of the Capital since the 17th century. In its heyday, Piața Obor was one of the largest in Eastern Europe and stretched over 16 streets. Recently featured in an article from Financial Times, Piața Obor is the most famous market in Bucharest and one of the most Instagrammable places in the city.

“90 tonnes of fresh produce arrive here daily to be sold: fruit and vegetables on the ground floor, with dozens of individual stalls competing to display the luxuriant spinach and longest leeks. There’s honey, herbs and nuts here, as well as a huge vending machine offering different thicknesses of yogurt. Go up the escalator and there are butchers, cheese makers and bakers. It is open seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Closes at 4pm on Sundays’ (Financial Times, March 2023)

It has a rich history and a generous offer from small agricultural producers, who have affordable prices for seasonal fruits and vegetables, the famous “Obor mici”, vegetables, clothes or antiques.

BonusThings To Do in Bucharest in Spring Time: A Day at the Largest Spa in South East Europe

Therme Bucharest is an oasis that takes the wellness spa experience to the next level. With mineral water pools, real exotic vegetation, a waterfall, saunas, a saline, the biggest water slide in Southeast Europe and so much more, Therme is, in itself, a reason to come to Bucharest. Discover this place of relaxation and pampering, and benefit from our wellness offer at Therme Bucharest. You can book a four star hotel stay plus the experience of the best spa around, as the package includes accommodation with breakfast at Bucharest Hotel Cișmigiu and access to the Elysium area of Therme.

Here are just some reasons to come to Bucharest in spring time. Which are yours?


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