Remember when Bernie Sanders was shocked that we have such excellent internet speed? 🙂 It’s still true. Come over, explore the city this spring and even live & work remotely from Hotel Cișmigiu, in the center of Bucharest, Romania.

Blossoming trees and chirping birds animate the streets of Bucharest in the golden sunlight of spring! Now that we’re in the season which everybody loves, we encourage you to pack your luggage and make Bucharest your upcoming destination. It’s a pleasure to be here and there are plenty of things to see in Bucharest that will thrill you. Hotel Cișmigiu always believed that Bucharest is one of the best European Capitals to visit, thanks to its unique charm and vast history. It also is a safe and affordable city. But it’s more than a tourist attraction; did you know that Romania’s Capital city is also the best city in the world for remote work? Read on and discover things about Bucharest that may surprise you!

Things to see in Bucharest in spring time, at your leisure

Visit Bucharest in spring and see the well known tourist attractions – and discover some new ones! For instance, if you love walks and magnolia trees, here is a map of all the magnolia trees in Bucharest. The magnolia trees are loved by locals and what’s not to love about them? Magnolias in bloom are some of the prettiest things to see in Bucharest.

If you want to take a cultural trip around different regions of Romania while staying in Bucharest, visit the Village Museum and discover an awesome outdoor museum in Herăstrău Park. The Danube Delta is another amazing region of Romania. Promoting this region with its arts, crafts and cuisine and while raising money for Ukraine, Festivalul Deltei will happen in IOR Park, during 8-17th of April, 2022.

Other things to do and see in the capital of Romania

Other things to see in Bucharest include the Cișmigiu Gardens, museums, historical buildings. Let’s not forget some of the best things to do in Bucharest right now – a day at the spa! Check with the concierge for the best suggestions for you. All these places, plus the great nightlife scene that is happening within walking distance from Hotel Cișmigiu make for wonderful memories of a well deserved spring city break.

If you’re coming here for work or if you plan on working remotely while in Bucharest, Hotel Cișmigiu has got you covered!

Bucharest is the best city for remote work

Hotel Cișmigiu is ready to welcome guests looking for the perfect Bucharest accommodation, either for a holiday trip or for remote work, with special offers. A 2020 report regarding the best cities in the world for remote work explains that thanks to the very fast internet speed (52 Mbps), the affordable prices and good services, Bucharest is the perfect place to visit, live in, and/or work remotely from. Over 4% of the jobs in Bucharest allow working remotely, because of the Covid19 pandemic.

The report has been conducted by the British company Broadband Deals. So, if you’re planning to visit and explore all the things to see in Bucharest while working remotely or if you are in need of a classy and well set up accommodation in Bucharest while starting a job here, check out these offers:

Enjoy spring, enjoy Bucharest and Hotel Cișmigiu!


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