Spring has officially started and Easter is coming up in just a few weeks! It’s time to check out all the fun things to do in Bucharest happening before the Easter holiday.

Perhaps you will be here on a Bucharest sightseeing trip, eager to discover the city’s culture and history. Or maybe you will come to Bucharest on a city break that’s meant only for socializing and relaxing. Either way, we’ve got your back and we’re ready to present you our best recommendations:

Upcoming things to do in Bucharest in April

It’s time to leave the indoors and go enjoy some sun and fun. King Michael Park, also known as Herăstrău Park (Aviatorilor metro station), is always on the list of things to see and things to do in Bucharest, as it is the largest park here – a lovely, peaceful and perfect green oasis in this busy Capital city. In the park, close to the skatepark area and near a lounge cafe, a secret garden filled with cherry trees is hidden in plain sight. It is called The Japanese Garden, because of the cherry trees and of the details which you can find in it: a small pond, statues, paths in the green grass. It is a quiet and relaxed place to hang out, read a book, play with a frisbee or take photos.

Things to visit in Bucharest: Parks and recreation

On Sunday, April 7th, the Japanese Embassy in Bucharest is inviting the people of Bucharest to go into the Japanese Garden of Herastrau Park to admire the cherry blossom trees. This practice is called ”hanami”. Check out the event here and enjoy a lovely afternoon! The Garden can be visited every day, and of course, the entrance is free.

Next on the list of things to do in Bucharest in April, you can go on a boat ride on the Herăstrău Park Lake, and while you are in the park, don’t forget that you can visit the Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum to check out different styles of architecture from all over rural Romania.

At one of the park’s entrances there is The Arch of Triumph Square. The monument (Arcul de Triumf) is a triumphal arch that was first built after Romania gained its independence in 1878. Take a stroll to the square and also take pictures for your trip’s photo album! You can continue strolling on Kiseleff boulevard, as it is a lovely and super safe path to take a walk on and admire beautiful architecture: on Kiseleff boulevard, many embassies and also the residence of the USA Ambassador are located here. These buildings are guarded and you should be aware of the fact that you might not be able to take photos of them. But you can always enjoy the sights!

As you walk Kiseleff boulevard, you will reach the Kiseleff Park, which is a neighborhood park with playgrounds for children, a small pond, a fountain, ping pong tables, a gazebo and lots of benches to sit on and enjoy the atmosphere. There are also a number of stone sculptures you can admire and take pictures of. This park is divided on two sides of the street. Have fun exploring it!

Things to see in Bucharest: Museums and Festivals

After you’ve visited Kiseleff Park, you can include the Geology Museum, The Peasant’s Museum or the Museum of Natural History on your list of things to do in Bucharest. All three museums are near Kiseleff Park and are a great way to spend your day. The Peasant’s Museum has a lovely terrace called Clubul Țăranului (The Peasant’s Club) where you can order authentic Romanian food and refreshing drinks. If you like eggplant, try the zacuscă or eggplant salad! This place is decorated with authentic Romanian ornaments and here you can even go shopping for souvenirs. The Peasant’s Museum gift shop is right near the terrace.

The next best event in Bucharest is The Spotlight Festival. Spotlight is The International Light Festival happening between April 18th and April 21st in Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei. You cannot miss this event, as it is happening a few minutes away from Cișmigiu Hotel, your amazing Bucharest accommodation. A series of light installations, video-mapping projects, and architectural lighting projects of local and international artists will be displayed on Calea Victoriei during the festival, and it is an exciting thing to do in Bucharest. The festival marks two major events of the year: The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the opening of the Romania-France Season in Bucharest, events which will be reflected in the theme of the 2019 edition: EuropeLights.

Don’t be shy, get out and experience the best things to do in Bucharest this month!

The day always ends happily with a smooth cocktail and delicious meal. You can try our restaurants or go to the Old City Center and find pubs and bars that always provide good services and are very hospitable to visitors from all over the world. Have fun socializing! Have a traditional Romanian meal at Hanul lui Manuc, or try Caru’ cu Bere, one of the most famous restaurants in Bucharest. The architecture of these restaurants are truly amazing and, without a doubt, memorable.

Things to do in Bucharest in April: VR films, shopping and food

Between April 11th and April 14th, Bucharest Fashion Film Festival is happening at Cinema Elvire Popesco, Odeon Theatre, Promenada Mall and Fix | Botanical Bar. Go check out The VR Corner happening at Promenada Mall – the entrance is free, and it promises to be another exciting thing to do in Bucharest. The VR films explore a series of inner landscapes and dreamlike experiences, approaching gender issues, local communities, mythology and the power of movement.

While at Promenada Mall, you can go shopping and also enjoy the Food Truck Festival which, like the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, ends on April 14th. You can get to Promenada Mall by taking the metro from Universitate, located around 600 meters away from Cișmigiu Hotel. The metro ride is only four stations: Romană-Victoriei-Aviatorilor-Aurel Vlaicu. Take the escalator to the steet, walk straight ahead, cross the road and take the right sidewalk for one minute and you’ve reached the mall. There aren’t many things to do in this area of Bucharest, as it is filled with office buildings.

After the mall, head back to the center and maybe relax a bit in your ultra comfortable 4 star room. At Cișmigiu Hotel, there are three types of rooms  and whichever one you pick for your stay in Bucharest, its size will impress you. Cișmigiu Hotel’s rooms all have the space of a suite, modern facilities (Free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, Chopard cosmetic products, LED TV, telephone, minibar, safety box, sofa, hair dryer, telephone, refrigerator) and an impeccable design. You might find this surprising, as the exterior of the hotel is Art Nouveau, classic, while its interior is very modern, with cool colors. Grays, brown, white blend beautifully and create a wonderfully cozy and classy atmosphere in any room. We call it retro-chic :).

The central location of this four star hotel in a landmark building  makes it your best pick for a cool and exciting trip to Bucharest. Plus, when you stay at Cișmigiu Hotel, you have culture at your feet – the Cervantes Institute is located right near the hotel – you can always drop by and visit their program. The green and romantic Cișmigiu Garden is also in the area, and you can go on boat trips on the small but pretty Cișmigiu Lake.

Both the ground floor and the last floor of the hotel have restaurants and at Gambrinus beer house, you can enjoy an authentic beer prepared from an original century-old recipe! Without a doubt, this is one of the best things to do in Bucharest!

Get excited and book your stay at Cișmigiu Hotel! And don’t worry – breakfast is included and it is amazing!


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