With this friendly Bucharest weather, planning a trip to Romania, whilst staying at Hotel Cismigiu, can be the making of a wonderful vacation. The Capital offers a lot of wonderful ideas to spend your time – from art exhibits, architectural sightseeing, nightlife, and shopping, we guarantee you that there is always something for you to do, visit, explore or enjoy. Hotel Cismigiu will provide for you during your city break or extended vacation the perfect home away from home. Situated on Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, minutes away from the city center and next to the famous Cismigiu Park, our hotel offers a diversity of room types, all chic and modern, impregnated with the charm of our century-old hotel.

Ready to let yourself be seduced by what Bucharest has to offer for you this winter? Discover bellow a few suggestions to spend your time and enjoy the diversity and flavor of the Romanian Capital. We’ve split them according to interests, for an easier browse session.

Things to do in Bucharest in January: Events and exhibitions

If your cup of tea is more artistic, don’t worry, January offers enough things to do and enjoy in Bucharest. From the cultural “Gheorghe Petrașcu – Reminiscentia 70” expo to a daily astronomy one to a musical such as Kiss me, Kate, the options are endless. Also, be sure to check the small pop-up Galeries on Calea Victoriei, they change weekly and will surprise you.

Shopping for something nice

If you love shopping, you’ll be glad to know in Bucharest you have a lot of options. Baneasa Shopping City provides a lot of brands just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Or if you’re into antiquities, you’ll be delighted to discover almost in every sector at least one Antique shop filled with books, jewels, artifacts and more. If you are endlessly in love with books and bookstores, you must explore Carturesti – the most beautiful place where you can find books, music, and others, and then enjoy a delightful tea.

Things to do in Bucharest in January: Sightseeing

In love with sightseeing and discovering architectural gems? Take a stroll through Cotroceni or through the Capital streets near the Government and enjoy wonderful inter-wars buildings that look like they’ve come out straight from a story. Or if you just love nature, there are so many parks you can enjoy: the Botanical Garden, Titan or Tineretului Park – both with a small lake.

Don’t hesitate to plan a trip this January in Bucharest and just enjoy the wonderful weather and walks that can enrich your travel experience.


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