Situated in the city center, with wonderful architecture and a long history behind it, our hotel will provide you with a real oasis of relaxation during your stay. The travel trends for the past years have taught us that a modern traveler will now choose to book places filled with personality; each detail counts – the location, the architecture, the small architectural splendors, etc. There are many reasons why Hotel Cismigiu is a perfect choice for your accommodation in Bucharest, but today we’ll just seduce you with 5 main ones, bellow.

Visit Bucharest: Why choose Hotel Cismigiu when you look for accommodation in Bucharest

Hotel Cismigiu is the perfect place to travel to and explore during a visit to the Capital. Its history and heritage, going back more than 100 years, have given it the opportunity to gather all those small flavors that transform it into a great home away from home. So when you visit Bucharest, make sure to choose our wonderful landmark as your accommodation.

#1 You’re right at the center of the city

When you book a room with us, you’re close to a lot of central attractions in the city. The Old City Center is just one of them. But you can also enjoy a walk on Regina Elisabeta Boulevard or Calea Victoriei or just a moment for yourself in Cismigiu Park. Trust us, you just have to step outside the hotel and you’ll have a lot of beautiful sights to admire.

#2 Visit Bucharest: 4* Rooms that will make you feel right at home

The rooms at Hotel Cismigiu are spacious as a flat. The modern rooms, filled with retro-chic interior details and all innovative features will make you feel right at home, while you’re away from yours. Plus, the view is absolutely amazing: Regina Maria Boulevard will make you understand why it used to be known as a small Bucharest Broadway.

#3 Advantages for business travelers and events

If you’ve come to Bucharest for business reasons, our hotel will surprise you with its modern event halls – they’re perfect for different gatherings, work sessions and more. Hotel Cismigiu offers a large amphitheater with a foyer and 6 small and private meeting rooms with natural light for successful events.

#4 Great restaurants to choose from

Downstairs, Gambrinus Beer House creates a wonderful atmosphere for lunch or dinner in a welcoming space with wooden settings. You’ll feel here fully the wonderful Little Paris ambiance. And the dishes are just great! For a different experience, you can also visit Cismigiu Bistro la Etaj; this wonderful pink space with retro-chic details and a great view of the city will make you fall in love with it. This is the ideal place for any time of the day, no matter if you want a tasty meal or dessert or just a work session over a light drink.

#5 The history of the place is a mix of poetry, mystery, and drama

Hotel Cismigiu has one century of stories to tell, from famous guests it received in the past, to war stories and many more. Here, you can almost feel all those legendary stories in the vibe of the place. And trust us, for storytelling fans, it will not disappoint!

Next time you’re planning a trip to Bucharest, make sure to check into Hotel Cismigiu – your 4-star accommodation in the heart of Bucharest.


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