Did you know that Bucharest was named the 3rd must-see European City for its Christmas lights. This is a very special distinction – visit Bucharest and you’ll see this is not all. The city scores well in the Christmas Markets, Shopping, Food, Best for Families and Best for Ice Skating Nostalgics. Whether you’re travelling on business or with your family or friends, don’t miss these 10 highlights in Bucharest this December. And don’t forget to have fun!

1. The National Day’s Parade

2018 is no ordinary year for Bucharest! Romanian nation is celebrating 100 years since the founding of Romania: 100 years of independence and peace. That’s why you should not miss the 1st of December in the city. A total of 4,000 Romanian and foreign troops, festive costumes, national anthem on the Bucharest’s longest street, Victoriei Boulevard, just next to Hotel Cișmigiu. A military parade like no other!
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2. Free Digital Family Portrait

If you want a memory that last forever, this is the perfect opportunity to have it. Family Portrait is a public event, where you get a free photo made by one of the most professional photographs in town. All you have to do is give yourself up to the experience – and receive your best shot. Your picture will be on Facebook too!
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3.  Christmas lights

Colorful lights and magic in the city center, plus cores of places richly decorated. And the secret is that one of the most impressive is the Cismigiu Park. Yes, you read that right. At a walking distance from our hotel. If you’re lucky there’ll be snow to lend an extra touch of magic.
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4. Visit Bucharest before Christmas and enjoy Cismigiu open air ice skating rink

The Viennes gather right outside their gorgeous illuminated City Hall to skate on the ice together. In London, people go ice skating into the Tower of London. And the Romanians, for their part, are joining in the skating fun in the first public garden in Romania, Cișmigiu Park, where there’s a big ice rink for a bit of ice-skating nostalgia. You’ll enjoy an adorable English-style garden with a frozen lake and fairy lights. And guess what? Enjoy skating until midnight during weekends and free entrance in the mornings, until Christmas.
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5. Bucharest Christmas Market

Festively decorated stalls line in the centre of town. Twinkling lights on every corner. Music everywhere and a sweet-and-spicy smell in the air. This is Christmas time – the time when the biggest Christmas market in Bucharest is open. With small houses, handmade paintings, Christmas decorations, carousel for kids, freshly made traditional food, concerts and Santa Claus’ house! The market is opened in Piata Constitutiei, just in front of the Palace of Parliament, very close to Cișmigiu Hotel.
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6. Mulled wine and “sarmale”

Frosty days in the city have one tasy remedy. Or several. Traditional pork dishes, boiled țuică, hot beer, legendary sarmale. Or whatever… Be sure to savour and enjoy Romanian food with all of your senses. It’s no secret, it is extremely delicious! Handy tip: book your place in advance at Caru’ cu Bere Restaurant and eat like a local – the place is in the Old City, at a walking distance from Cișmigiu Hotel.
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7. Original souvenirs

Christmasy gifts, creative shopping, local souvenirs. Do what matters and discover fashion and lifestyle items, accessories, design and cosmetics at special prices.
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8. Visit Bucharest before Christmas and attend free events for children

What do kids want most? Fun and entertainment, of course! So, how about visit Bucharest in December when the city is a huge playground? Music all around, interactive shows, games and more. Discover the top shopping centers in Bucharest, where kids are invited to spend an exciting afternoon. For a complete city-break be sure to book an apartment, not just a room, in the heart of Bucharest.
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9. Schoenbrunn Palace Concert

If you are a culture vulture join in Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra Vienna at Bucharest. The concert is a fine selection of masterful music by Mozart and Strauss, rounded off by dance and vocal performances. One of the most marvelous overtures and the most popular operetta arias, in a nutshell. Be sure to book in time!
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10. Visit Bucharest for Christmas and enjoy 4 star comfort in the heart of the city

Are you ready to discover the soul of the city? No visit in Bucharest is complete without a relaxing bed, room service,  Wi-Fi and coffee machine in your room, the space of a suite and a view on a lively boulevard. Book an apartment not just a room, in the middle of everything!
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