You start planning your next city break: it must be some place that is safe from Covid 19, has wonderful tourist attractions, great food and a fun atmosphere. Learn from Hotel Cișmigiu what to do in Bucharest during your 2021 city break! We, at one of the oldest yet modern, chic and central 4 star Bucharest hotels, the Capital city of Romania, invite you over for a city break that will bring you rest and relaxation, joy and even amazement. See for yourself! Bucharest is a quirky city with unique attractions, such as:

A Guinness World Record building

The Palace of Parliament, made of one million cubic meters of marble, 700,000 tons of bronze and steel and 3,500 tons of crystals. It is the world’s heaviest building and the second largest administrative building ever created. Its volume is larger than the Keops pyramids in Egypt and the Quetzalcoatl pyramid in Mexico. In September, in the big outdoor square in front of the Palace – Piața Constituției, Armin van Buuren will be DJing during the Sound of Bucharest event. Come to the party! It’s only a pleasant walk away from your highly recommended accommodation in Bucharest! (Update September 19th – the party has been postponed to 2022 due to new Covid restrictions).

The Old Court of Vlad Țepeș

When you don’t know what to do in Bucharest, a stroll on Calea Victoriei will reveal many cafes, museums and other beautiful historical buildings from past centuries. The Old City is under 1 km away from the hotel, and it is the place to go for pub crawling and dancing in the center of Bucharest. Museums, eclectic architecture and even a 18th century monastery can be discovered in and around the Old City. Right in the heart of it, after passing so many restaurants and shops, you will find the ruins of Vlad Țepeș’s Old Court. Contrary to popular beliefs, Vlad Țepeș, known as Dracula, ruled here, not Transylvania. Come see the ruins of his Old Court for yourself; it was built between the 14th and the 15th century!

Beautiful scenery

Hotel Cișmigiu is right nearby Cișmigiu Park, the oldest urban garden in Bucharest. It dates back to 1854 – this year, the park turns 167! This quiet and beautiful park is loved by many. Right in the middle of it there is a shallow pond that is turned into an ice skating rink during winter. In warm weather, people rent paddle boats and take joyful rides. Go ahead, rent a boat – rowing one is good physical exercise and the pictures of the scenery are going to be lovely!
What to do next in Bucharest?

Enjoy good food with a view

Cișmigiu Bistro la Etaj has an excellent à la carte menu in a chic and #instagrammable pink restaurant with a terrace. The dishes are inspired by the French cuisine. Try the duck, order a rosé drink and enjoy the beautiful view of the city from the 6th floor. On the ground floor, the Gambrinus Beerhouse has traditionally crafted beer and hearty, authentic Romanian dishes you’ll love.

Some of the best things to do in Bucharest are easily available to you when you’ll visit us on your city break. For reservations check the Hotel Cișmigiu website. It guarantees the best rate for rooms in the heart of the city. Be our guest!


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