It’s time to set your travel resolutions for 2023, so here’s one destination that you should add on your must see list this year – visit Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

The city is famous for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation for high life (in the 1900s earned its nickname of “Little Paris”). Today, it’s a bustling metropolis with an eclectic mix of architecture, history, culture and tradition, making it a compelling destination to explore. It’s truly a city that can offer something for everyone.

Bucharest Sightseeing in Springtime – Places To See and Things To Do

Colors and flavors fill the air of Bucharest in springtime. Enjoy a delightful stroll among Bucharest pink and white magnolias, a picnic in a Romanian flowering park or the intoxicating smell of the linden trees on the capital’s great boulevards. Trees are found in abundance in Bucharest especially in any of the local flowering parks, such as Herastrau, Cismigiu or Carol Park.

Cismigiu Gardens, the oldest park in the city, is situated in the center of the city, next to Hotel Cismigiu. It has a fascinating story, dating back centuries ago. In the early 1900, here were being organized popular celebrations, sports and swimming competitions, runs around the lake, boat rides, as well as the first boxing match in the history of Romania. Acrobats and itinerant actors came for open-air shows, and high society ladies organized charities and local fairs.

What to see on a stroll in Cismigiu Gardens in springtime and enjoy some Bucharest sightseeing? Do not miss “Writers’ Circle” (Roman Round), that exhibits the busts of 15 Romanian writers, created by well-known sculptors, the ruins of a monastery built in 1756, from the premises of which a secret tunnel connected the Crețulescu Palace to the banks of Dâmbovița, “Sissi Stefanidi’s Spring” and “Eminescu’s Spring”, where the greatest Romanian poet, who worked nearby, came by on hot summer days.

Bucharest in Summertime – Places To See and Things To Do

Summer is the season for entertaining street festivals and open air events in Bucharest. The Old City – at a five minute walk from our hotel – is bustling with its fun vibrant nightlife until dawn, in its many pubs and bars. Summerwell, the rock music festival organized near Bucharest in August is one of the things to do in Bucharest. Rock music lovers will enjoy a cool lineup and a relaxed atmosphere, as it is organized in the forest, next to an old manor house. Other music festivals that you should not miss in summer time include Nostalgia, with the music of the 2000s and 90s, Retro Music Festival, Saga Festival or Rock in the City.

Things To Do in Bucharest in Autumn

In autumn, choose Bucharest accommodation in the center of the Capital, in one of the oldest and most beautiful Bucharest hotels, to be close to touristic sights with immense artistic, architectural, historical and spiritual value!

Some of the most spectacular things to see in Bucharest are its churches. Kretzulescu Church, at a distance of 650 m from the hotel, was built in 1720 in Brâncoven style and the inside painting was made by Gheorghe Tattarescu, the founder of the National School of Fine Arts. The Church “Sfinții Trei Ierarhi” Colțea, founded by Mihail Cantacuzino and his wife, is another historical monument, representative of the Brancoven style and the place of a miracle-working icon of the Mother of God and numerous heritage objects. The Patriarchal Cathedral of the Holy Emperors Constantin and Elena was founded in 1656 by the voivode of Wallachia, Constantin Șerban Basarab and holds the Relics of Saint Dimitrie the New, the patron of the city.

Museums are another thing worth adding to your list of things to do in Bucharest. Here are three of them, all within walking distance from the hotel location. The National Art Museum of Romania, at the Royal Palace, is located near the Kretzulescu Church and hosts some of the most important art collections of Romania. Bucharest Museum – Suțu Palace – hosts exhibitions related to the history of the city of Bucharest. The National History Museum of Romania, an architectural gem, is the place where you can admire the complete copy of Trajan’s Column, as well as several permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Why Visit Bucharest in Winter

Christmas markets and festive decorations beautify the city in winter time. In Constitutiei Square, close to the hotel, is the city’s annual Christmas market, that you should visit in Bucharest. This year, in Sector 6, a special Christmas market was set up by the organizers of the well-known Untold electronic music festival. Winter is a good season for shopping, both for Christmas gifts from the Christmas markets, but also to benefit from the massive Winter Sale discounts in the city’s numerous malls. Baneasa Shopping City is one of the largest malls in Europe, and is preferred by tourists and locals alike.

Therme Bucharest, another preferred destination for tourists in winter time, is a popular spa center, featuring the longest indoor water slide system in Europe, a real botanical garden with palm trees and dozens of exotic trees by the pool, Europe largest urban beach and a sophisticated circuit of themed saunas and pools. Hotel Cismigiu and Therme Bucharest have created a special package including accommodation in Bucharest, for one night, at Hotel Cismigiu plus a one day pass at Therme Bucharest. Find it here and book directly.

Here are some reasons why we invite you to discover the capital of Romania in 2023. These, and more, will wait for you once you arrive at Hotel Cismigiu, when our concierge will be happy to share with you the secrets of the city!


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